Oil Paintings

All oil paintings are also available as prints or canvas-wrapped prints. Pricing below is for original paintings. Pricing for prints is variable. Paintings not for sale are still available as prints or canvas prints at any time. Shipping and handling fees may apply. Prices do not include framed art, but framing can be completed for an additional fee, which is determined based on the type of frame chosen. Contact to purchase or for more details.

11×14, oil on canvas
(Pending Juried Status)
“A New Day”
24X30 oil on canvas
“I Surrender”
Oil on 16×20 Canvas
“All things Hidden”
Oil on 16×20 Canvas
Shown at ‘Subjective Perspective’ Juried Show at WaterWorks Art Museum, Montana Jan. 31 – March 12, 2020.
Automatic For the People
Oil on 16×20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Shown at ‘Subjective Perspective’ Juried Show at WaterWorks Art Museum, Montana Jan. 31 – March 12, 2020
Also accepted to the Traveling Art Show and is currently on tour and being shown in exhibitions at the following venues across Montana:
The Gallery in Glendive, MT from March 23- April 24; the MonDack Heritage Center from May 1-28; the Schoolhouse History and Art Center from June 3-27; the  O’Fallon Museum in Baker, MT July 4-25; the Ekalaka Public Library from July 29-August 14; the Henry A Malley Memorial Library Aug 20- Sept. 27; and the Garfield County Library from Nov 10- Dec. 31.
Oil on 24×36 Gallery-Wrapped Canvas
Not for sale. Prints available.
“Because He Lives”
Oil on 16×20 Gallery-Wrapped Canvas
This was a commission for my mom based on “The Piano” by Andreja Dujnic.
Not for Sale.
“BBGA Offices”
Oil on 11×16 Canvas
Prints available.
A commission for a dear friend. Inspired by “Village Edge In Winter” by French artist Gustave Courbet.
Not for Sale
Dreams of Mountains in Blue
Oil, Acrylic, and Charcoal on 16×20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas
(Hanging in the executive offices at the State Capitol as part of the “Art of Georgia” exhibit October 31-April 2020. It is for sale! )
NOTE: The exhibition has been extended and “Dreams of Mountains in Blue” will continue to hang at the State Capitol until March 2021 due to COVID19.

A Light Unto My Path
Oil on 16×20 canvas
(Sold at annual Survive to Thrive Silent Auction)
Prints available.
Remnants of the Past
Oil on 16×20 Canvas
Stay Here
Oil on 16×16 Canvas
Oil and Charcoal on 18×24 Gallery Wrapped Canvas
In Between
Oil on 18×24 Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Contemplation Aims at Nothing
Oil on 16×20 Canvas
Selected to be a part of the “Space 2020 Juried Exhibition” at Athens Institute for Contemporary Art. The show will run from August 15, 2020 – September 27, 2020.
Oil on 16×40 Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Hands to Hold Me
Oil on 16×40 Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Grape House
Oil on 8×10 Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Oil on Canvas
(Reprint on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas. Touch-ups added after printing)
Violet Morning
Acrylic and Oil on 8×10 Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Majestic Mountains
Acrylic and Oil on 11×14 Canvas
Oil on 11×14 Canvas
Winter Sunset
Oil on Canvas
$100 (prints only)
The Middle
Oil on 11×16 Canvas
Peach Dawn
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
Not for Sale: Gifted
Prints available
Oil on 24×30 Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Not for Sale: Personal Collection
Prints available

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