About Me

Georgia-based painter Allie Jackson has been honing her oil painting skills for the past few years. Originally a reporter, writer, and photographer, Allie blends her photojournalism, creative writing skills and her love of literature by using photographs and literature as inspiration for her paintings, colliding three of her passions for the perfect union. Using photographs allows Allie to work in the comfort of her home studio. Painting mainly landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes, Allie enjoys exploring the depths of movement and composition to tell a story. She has always been fascinated with the sky. She has also always been intrigued by houses, buildings, and other structures, and wondered about the people who reside there. Painting allows her to explore those stories and let them play out on the canvas. Allie works in Athens, Ga. and resides in Loganville with her two sons and their new kitten, Anakin.

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